The IRPUD Model

The IRPUD model of the eastern part of the Ruhr area is a dynamic simulation model of intraregional location and mobility decisions in an urban region. It was developed in a project for the German Research Council at the Institute of Spatial Planning of the University of Dortmund since 1977 and has been applied in several projects for the European Commission and regional authorities, such as the EU projects PROPOLIS (Planning and Research of Policies for Land Use and Transport for Increasing Urban Sustainability) and STEPs (Scenarios for the Transport System and Energy Supply and their Potential Effects) and the project of the Institut für Landes- und Stadtentwicklungsforschung Nordrhein-Westfalen "Analysis of Central Constraints, Instruments and Goal Criteria for state transport planning in North-Rhine Westphalia".

The IRPUD model

The IRPUD model has been continuously further developed in the course of time. The most recent developments include the extension of the study area by external zones and the consideration of detailed measures to optimise the fare system of public transport. Descriptions of the model according to the state of its development at the time of writing are contained in

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