Research fields:

Spatial Development in Europe
Spatial Development in Regions
Spatial Development in Cities

Projects alphabetically:

A - D

Accessibilities in the Baltic Sea Region (2017-2018)
Accessibility Analysis for the Location of the Savings Bank Academy of NRW (2014)
Accessibility Analysis of the Baltic Sea Region (2006)
Accessibility of Central Places in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern (2013)
Accessibility of Essential Services in Bavaria (2008-2010)
Accessibility of Finnish Regions (2009-2010)
Accessibility Scenarios for the Rhine-Ruhr Metropolitan Region (2004-2005)
AlpenCorS: Modelling Regional Development in Alpen Corridor South (2004-2005)
Analysis of ESPON 2006 Results for Germany (2007-2008)
Analysis of the Provision of Facilities and Servives of Social and Cultural Infrastructure in the Planning Region Oberfranken-West (2019-2020)
AsPIRE: Aspatial Peripherality, Innovation and the Rural Economy (2001-2004)
Criteria for Adequate Service of Public Transport in North-Rhine Westphalia (2005-2007)
Disaggregation of Spatial Data for Transport Modelling (2001-2002)
Dissemination of ESPON Results in Germany (2011-2015)

E - F

ESPON 1.1.1: Polycentric Development (2002-2005)
ESPON 1.1.3: EU Enlargement (2003-2006)
ESPON 1.2.1: Transport Services and Networks (2002-2005)
ESPON 1.4.4: Preparatory Study on Feasibility of Flows Analysis (2006-2007)
ESPON 2.1.1: Territorial Impacts of EU Transport and TEN Policies (2002-2005)
ESPON ATLAS: Atlas on European Territorial Structures and Dynamics (2012-2014)
ESPON BEST METROPOLISES: Paris, Berlin, Warsaw (2010-2012)
ESPON BT2050 – Territorial Scenarios for the Baltic Sea Region (2017-2018)
ESPON ET2050: Territorial Scenarios and Visions for Europe (2011-2014)
ESPON GREECO: Territorial Potentials for a Greener Economy (2011-2014)
ESPON Matrices – Update of Accessibility Indicators (2014)
ESPON Modelling "Less Efficient Regulation" (2016)
ESPON Possible European Territorial Futures" (2016-2017)
ESPON TRACC: Transport Accessibility at Regional/Local Scale and Patterns in Europe (2010-2014)
ESPON Update of Air and Multimodal Accessibility Maps (2008-2009)
ESPON Update of Selected Potential Accessibility Maps (2006-2007)
European Accessibility and Peripherality: Concepts, Models and Indicators (2002-2004)
Evaluation and Planning of Power Lines: Power Line Planning (2013-2016)
Ex-ante Evaluation of the TEN-T Multi-Annual Programme 2007-2013 (2007)
Expertise for the Provision of Services of General Interest, in Particular the Definition of Central Places for Updating the Regional Plan of Main-Röhn (2018-2020)
Functional Structure of Transport Networks Following the Central-Place Concept of the RIN for the Region Ostwürttemberg (2019)
Future Scenarios of Mobility by Public Transport in Cologne (2009-2010)

G - K

GEMACA II: Group for European Metropolitan Areas Comparative Analysis (2001)
HSTimpact: High-Speed Train Impact Study (2006-2008)
ILUMASS: Integrated Land-Use Modelling and Transportation System Simulation (2001-2007)
Impact Assessment of a Railway Tunnel between Helsinki and Tallinn (2012-2013)
Impacts of Internalisation of External Costs of Transport in Saxony (2004-2005)
Implementation of the Territorial Agenda 2020: TEN-T and TEN-E (2012-2014)
Integrated Transport and Land-Use-Modelling in Selected Urban Areas (2001-2002)

L - R

Location and Accessibility Analysis of Health Services Provision – Mittelmosel (2014)
Location Analysis for the Establishment of a Regional Medical Servive Centre (MVZ) in the Region Leinebergland (2019-2020)
Long-term Securing of Services and Mobility in Rural Regions (2016-2017)
Nordic Peripherality in Europe (2003-2004)
PLUME: Planning and Urban Mobility in Europe (2003-2005)
PROPOLIS: Planning and Research of Policies for Land Use and Transport (2001-2004)
Regional Services of General Interest (2012-2014)
Ruhr Area 2050: Modelling the Energy Transition in the Ruhr Area (2013-2016)

S - Z

Schichten einer Region (2008-2011)
Securing of Medical Services and Accessibility of Services of General Interest in the Leinebergland Region(2017-2018)
SETI: Strategic Evaluation on Transport Investment Priorities 2007-2013 (2005-2006)
Spatial Impacts of Transport Infrastructure: Ex-post Analysis (2005-2009)
Spatial Monitoring Germany and Neighbouring Regions (2015-2017)
Spatial Scenarios for the Eastern Ruhr Area (2004-2005)
SPESSARTregional: Development of a Regional Data Base (2016-2017)
STEPS: Scenarios for the Transport System and Energy Supply (2004-2006)